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Key Features and Insights of Virtual Asasistants

Virtual Assistants: Key Features and Insights

While in the business for several years now, we have come across many people who find it difficult to manage all work on their own. Sometimes, they need assistance in a field that is not directly related to their business but impacts it directly. The help may be in the form of a fellow colleague helping you out or even professional virtual assistants.

For example, there is a team of fashion designers, who make ultimate designs and are trying to establish themselves in the market. But only making designs won’t help. Right?  There is a dire need for marketing and showcasing what they do and what services do they offer to the customers. 

Here, arises the need for a Marketing Strategist or maybe a Digital Marketing Professional. What will be the first thought? Maybe let’s hire one! But wait! They cannot consider having an employee on board because they do not have a proper office environment. So? What do they do? Simply, Hire a Virtual Assistant in the field of Digital Marketing. This saves them money and time both along with the ease of a virtual team. 

Now, we will discuss almost everything about a Virtual Assistant in detail so that you do not have any doubts left by the time you reach the end of this article.

1. Definition

Let’s start from the basics and focus on the definition. Virtual Assistants are self-driven professionals who provide multiple administrative assistance to businesses or individuals from remote locations.

They are generally freelancers, with expertise in particular fields for which they offer services to clients. But what is being observed nowadays, due to great demand in this field, there has been a shift in the trend and people who have been administrative support assistants or office managers prefer being virtual assistants due to flexibility and they often have several years of experience. Virtual Assistants are the face of new virtual business and remote assistance.

2. Qualifications necessary for a Virtual Assistant.

You might be thinking that there is any particular degree that one can get from university in order to become a Virtual Assistant. Well! It is not the case. There are no specific educational courses or degrees that you can ask for. So if you want to hire a virtual assistant, don’t expect any higher education, instead, look for the value and expertise in the domain.

However, if you are still looking out for any related education, consider the training or certifications that they have gone through or any past experiences they have. Various online courses are available for Virtual Assistants and expecting one or more courses completed by them can be a fair evaluation, however not compulsory at the same time. One thing that we would recommend, is to be sure that the Virtual assistant is comfortable around various commonly used business applications and managing computers as they have to connect virtually with you. 

3. Responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant.

The exact responsibilities are defined by the client in the contract. The scope of the desired service depends completely on the client along with negotiated terms of the organization or individual, providing the service.

However, responsibilities may include remote technical support, documentation, marketing, telesales, email support, content writing, appointment management, etc. Yateman International provides virtual assistants for Customer, Marketing, and Administrative services to clients. Our expert team will handle your customers like their own and produce the best results in less time with calculated tactics. See our client testimonials to get an insight into what we offer and how we do it. 

4. Cost of Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

VAs are affordable and cost-efficient to hire. You may hire them on a per-hour basis or on a fixed price. The cost can vary depending upon the skills, expertise, and services they offer. Yateman International provides Virtual Assistants that are rich in skills and reasonable to your finances. Check our Pricing Section if you want to hire a virtual assistant or Schedule a FREE 15 minutes consultation to learn more about our virtual services.

5. How to hire a Virtual Assistant.

There might be many questions on your list before you hire a virtual assistant. You are probably seeing a problem here, but with Yateman International, it is easy and quick to hire a virtual assistant. The VAs at Yateman International are strategic and practical in approach to help you grow your business. Here is a detailed article, describing the three-step process to hire a virtual assistant. 

The services provided by Virtual Assistants are not limited to the list above. We have detailed analysis in the virtual assistance business and Yateman International is capable of meeting all your needs with its premium services. 

Still, have any doubts regarding what Virtual Assistants do or what services we offer at Yateman International? 

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How Virtual Assistants Enhance Your Service Experience?

Working with virtual colleagues is a new way to enhance the office experience. There is no doubt that future business and operations will be running through a virtual workforce. The management does not need to build and maintain heavy and undeniably expensive infrastructure for the employees. In this article, we will learn about the normalcy in virtual assistance platforms and services provided by Yateman International in the virtual assistance sector. Below are some highlights which show,  why virtual Assistance will be a new normal in your future working experience:

Lesser face-to-face dealing with colleagues

While working virtually, the employees do not need to meet their colleagues in person. This leads to lesser conflicts among the employees and a more satisfied, peaceful working experience. The team members do not need to suffer office politics and negativity. Moreover, virtual employees have better efficiency as they are highly trained virtual assistants. Yateman International provides quality virtual assistants that will prove to be an asset to your business.

More work-centric

Being result-oriented, Virtual assistants focus more on work and final output. One of the possible reasons could be that they might have multiple clients at a time to work with. They tend to give better results as compared to on-site employees because their performance is directly related to the quality of service offered by them. Further, the chance of termination or getting hired also depends on the level of performance they deliver. 

No employment terms baggage to employers

The old-school recruitment process is way too hectic than it appears. Isn’t it? Well! The recruitment team knows the pain. Not only this, when organizations hire employees, there are various challenges that come along with them. For example, multiple allowances like leaves. Employers can save their money and time by opting to hire a virtual assistant as an employee. Besides, there are multiple terms per government that employers need to follow while hiring on-site employees while this is not the case with hiring virtual assistance. Most of the time, VAs are freelancers that work for clients without being an official employee. 

Cost-efficient for the business

Hiring a virtual assistant will definitely save you a lot of money. Likewise, you can save money as the workforce is completely virtual. So, there is no need for physical infrastructure, thereby saving companies a good amount of money. Moreover, an employer’s fund is a no-question to ask when you work with virtual assistants. Just hire a virtual assistant and invest that saved money in your bigger ventures that you have been planning for years. Hire a Virtual Assistant from Yateman International and enjoy the services. 

Quality work by self-driven virtual assistants

Virtual Assistants at Yateman International are self-driven and highly professional. Besides, they know how important your business is and they work to bring the best out of it. The business is all about service and customers and VAs at Yateman duly understand this. Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Yateman International will be the best decision for your business that you have ever made. The skilled and experienced virtual assistants will enhance your service experience exponentially. The customer relationship will be at its best once you hire a virtual assistant.

Strategic approaches instead of old age methods

Virtual Assistants have flexible, data-oriented strategies for doing the tasks. These strategies are often based on their professional experience and advanced statistics to drive the business. The detailed data analytics and study of your business will formulate these strategic approaches which are definitely better than the traditional, old age, rusty approaches. The tactics used by the virtual assistants at Yateman International will build an impressive customer base for your business. 

Quicker turnaround time

Virtual assistants are trained in such a way that they ensure the delivery of tasks in the least possible time with better strategies and mastered approaches. Expertise in the domain, help them to offer quick turnaround time. You can define the timelines as per your requirements. Virtual Assistants are always available for you according to the scheduled time and even more. The services are going to be uninterrupted and smooth with virtual assistants.

Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

Remote working is a new trend and an absolute need during the current Covid-19 situation. You cannot deny the fact that we require assistance while working on a project. Be it onsite or virtual, a helping hand is always required especially when you are into business. You cannot do all the tasks by yourself, you definitely need a team. So a simple solution to this problem is to hire a virtual assistant. This will ease out the problems that you face while working.

We, at Yateman International, make sure that our clients get the best services in the market when it comes to “Virtual Assistants”. We have a tremendously skilled workforce that can set up your virtual team in a snap of time. All you need to do is – hire a Virtual Assistant and get things on track.

As service providers, we understand that you might be having various questions at the back of your mind. It might be difficult for you to convince yourself whether or not to hire a virtual assistant. So here is a brief insight of what it actually is, to clear all your doubts.

1. Skeptical about Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Well, Don’t! Hiring a Virtual Assistant will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Once you hire a virtual assistant you will realize that it makes the operations more flexible and reliable. You don’t have to worry about the quality of work with Yateman International. We have a highly trained team that stands on one foot for our clients and delivers quality services. Managing an onsite team is a tedious task and virtual assistance can wipe that stress out. Our Yateman Virtual Assistance Team will do it for you virtually.

2. Is it worth hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is worth your expectations and investment as they enable remote setup for almost all your operations and run the business smoothly. Once you establish your business, you will realize that having a Virtual Workforce is easier to manage without and chaos to your own work schedule.

Moreover, these are professional people who understand how to build a business for clients. In addition, VAs are business-oriented and self-motivated to produce astounding results. They truly work for you and divide your stress and workload. You get multiple perspectives on a situation and it might drive you to make better decisions for your business. 

3. Ease the Workload

We acknowledge the amount of work you might be having. If you are buried under tremendous work pressure, you need to hire a virtual assistant. Seriously, there is no better option than this. Hiring virtual assistants will make more productive use of your time, that too without compromising the quality of work which you expect. Supposedly there is a lot of documentation involved when we run a business and there is a dire need for someone having that work managed. Just hire a virtual assistant and get that work done without actually having him or her in the office.

4. Healthy for your pocket

No doubt, money is an important factor while running a business. You cannot surpass the limit of expenses. Hiring a virtual assistant will help your business to stay within that defined budget. Likewise, it does not take a bite out of your pocket as it saves you a pretty good amount of money in terms of maintaining a physical infrastructure for your team. Imagine, you just have to pay corresponding to the services you get and no overhead employee expenses. There are no sick days, holiday leaves, or any worker’s compensation when you opt to run your work through virtual assistance. 

5. Skilled Workforce

Virtual assistants have strategic planning for running your business and give exceptional results in comparatively lesser time. These are passionate people who know how to derive results using calculated and planned approaches.

Similarly, our workforce at Yateman International comprises Customer Support, Marketing, and Administrative Support Virtual Assistants which are competent in building a massive customer base for your business.

Virtual Assistants at Yateman International are capable of handling difficult tasks. We manage the work effectively from a remote location. You just have to take a plunge into this technology-driven remote service which ensures you a lot of saved time and money as well.  

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At this time, the doubts regarding virtual assistants must have been cleared and it is the right time to understand the process of hiring a virtual assistant.

Our committed and passionate team provides impressively notable services that will help you grow your business and establish a name in the market. Save your time and money in the digital era and set up a virtual team. You can opt for a wide range of services that are available at Yateman International to ease the workload and boost your efficiency.

Evidently, Now you know that working with virtual assistants is extremely easy and low on cost along with various other benefits, you can collaborate with Yateman International to hire a virtual assistant for your business. Define your expectations and business requirements to get the most suited services. You can read about it here to get a clearer view. We have a team of extremely talented virtual assistants, which will help you to build your business and enhance the service experience. 

Check out our reasonable and attractive price packages for the services we offer in the Pricing Plans section. Dive into the world of virtual assistance with Yateman International and virtualize your workforce.

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