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Yes, you need a Virtual Assistant

Managing all the work on your own and undoubtedly tired? Stressed on all the task lists that you make every morning? Does the task list never get complete? Then Yes! You need a Virtual Assistant. 

Earlier we have discussed different types of services we can get from Virtual Assistants. Today, in this article we will discuss how we can implement virtual assistant services for various personal assistance in the business. This is not about what services they provide, rather we will learn in what circumstances you need a virtual assistant.

Here we have few questions for you and we would like to know the answer at the end of this article. Let us now find out – Do you need a virtual assistant? 

Got too much work?

It Is nothing new in business or otherwise that we are often burdened with work. Sometimes work exceeds our capacity and it generally happens when we try to multitask. However, multitasking is not a problem but managing all the work all alone is. Don’t stress yourself. Read ahead.

Short with time?

Now because you have a whole lot of work to do but there are only 24 hours in a day. You’ve really got so much on the list as compared to the time you have. So… how do you complete all of this? Is Virtual Assistant a thought? Maybe! We will find out at the end. 

Unable to handle a task?

No matter what, you can not be a master of all. You might need help with one or more things when you are in business. It could be resource management, finances, or anything but you do need a helping hand when you are unable to handle a task. 

Unaware of certain technology?

We know you are a great strategist when it comes to business but is technology your thing? Give it a thought once again. It is a possibility that you have a hard time handling tech work related to your business. What do you need? A techie assistant? We will find out soon. 

Need help to explore?

There is a possibility that you have to carry out research or work upon a new venture, but do not have enough time to explore. Isn’t it good if somebody brings well-researched content for you? They provide you information and insights of a certain thing that you are working upon. Great! Right?

Documentation is creating a fuss?

Documentation has its own importance as it keeps a lot of important information regarding the business. But we cannot deny the fact that maintaining the documents is a huge mess, likewise. So what do you do? Possibly you can give that responsibility to someone else who is more efficient in handling those documents. 

Have a lot of calls to handle?

Often working with customers, you have to handle a lot of calls. These calls can be for support requests, complaints, or feedback. Not only this, the calls may be from your end as telesales. The calls are mostly large in number so you might feel the need for an assistant. Yateman International provides virtual assistants that are proficient in handling customers. 

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Unable to manage appointments?

A Business makes you meet with a lot of people. Appointment handling is not an easy cookie to grab. Well! Virtual assistants can easily manage your schedule of appointments.

Have a small business?

People are becoming more and more self-dependent and we realize its importance. We know how much you love your freedom especially from that silly 9-5. Whether a business is new or old, big or small, you may feel the need for a virtual assistant. This question will have an absolute answer in a  minute or two.

Have too many customer queries?

While your business is at its full glory, customers are that gold that makes it shine. If your customers have queries regarding your product/services, the first step is to handle those queries and give timely responses to each of your customers. So is this the scenario? 

Administration seems scary?

Handling administrative services is not everyone’s thing. If you or your team is struggling with effective administration handling then Yateman International could be the silver lining around this dark cloud.

Marketing strategies not working?

We have already discussed the possibility of being good at business but not at technology. However, being exactly the opposite is also a probable situation. You might have been working on technology for over 10 years but the business isn’t just your thing. The Marketing strategies that you plan don’t work. Just think it through and decide.  

You have gone through all the questions, right? 

Now, if the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then YES! Our dear readers, You need a Virtual Assistant. Definitely, You do! 

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Before we move on to Hire a Virtual Assistant, we would like to discuss what qualities you should look for in a VA before hiring him or her.

Qualities To Consider While Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are various qualities that need considering while hiring a virtual assistant. Generally, there are a huge number of applications against a single job and it becomes difficult to filter the candidates during the selection process. What do you do in this scenario? The best way is to make a list of qualities that are necessary for a candidate to work as your virtual assistant. 

So, we have come up with a precise checklist that you can follow in order to hire the best candidate for your purpose. Let us now quickly jump onto this checklist that can be taken into account while hiring a virtual assistant. 

Effective communication.

Communication is the key. A person with good conversation skills is desired everywhere. A sense of effective and amicable conversation builds trust with the customer. It is not about high-end vocabulary but a suitable choice of words along with confidence in tone and good command over the language. Good communication is definitely a top priority while hiring a virtual assistant. 

Understanding ability.

It is necessary that the virtual assistant has a great understanding ability. The virtual assistant needs to be quick in building a logical map of the task aligned. Not only this, they should have a great understanding of the customer’s view in any scenario.

Quickness in response.

Well, it is a necessity more than quality. As a customer, one always expects a quicker response time. With this demand, we have the point of quickness in response as criteria on our checklist to judge a virtual assistant. 

Sound with tools and technology.

Virtual Assistants are required to use multiple business tools while working for you. In a virtual environment, these tools are of immense importance and virtual assistants should be sound with them. The tools may be as simple as a screen connect tool or a complex BI Tool but command over them is a must. The expertise in these tools is a fair criterion of filtration while hiring a virtual assistant. 

Multiple task management.

VAs are often hired for one or more services. The hired assistant should be a multi-tasker along with a calm and composed persona to handle various tasks at a time without any chaos. So, when you are already piled up with a lot of work and you wish to hand your one or more tasks to the hired virtual assistant, he/she should be able to manage it efficiently. 

Skills for a particular Role.

We have discussed various generalized qualities of a virtual assistant. However, if you have a task that requires a particular skill set then it is necessary to keep that on the list. These skills can be considered for the purpose of selecting a suitable candidate. The skill test can be carried out separately to determine their capabilities.

Adherence to instructions.

Do we even need to justify this aspect of the filtration checklist? When you provide a set of instructions to do a particular task then the virtual assistant has to abide by them. It is not even a point of giving a second thought. No doubt that they can give constructive suggestions but in the first instance, the instructions need to be followed well. 

Customer management.

If the VA specializes in Marketing or Customer Service then customer management skills should top the chart. It includes an amalgamation of almost all the qualities mentioned here. The candidate should be well versed, multitasker, quick with responses and the list continues. The virtual assistants have to handle your customers directly so they need to be very learned and skilled candidates who can efficiently handle the most difficult customers in every situation.

Efficiency in remote task handling.

Virtual assistants have to work remotely throughout the process. They need to have efficiency in working from a remote location and still be productive in results. Remote task handling definitely needs a look while hiring a virtual assistant. Further, looking upon the coordination ability while being remote is an effective way to measure the capability of the candidate.

Prior experience.

Having suitable experience as a virtual assistant in the due field may prove to be a good criterion for assessing the VA. However, not a necessary one as we need more fresh talent, who are street smart with amazing communication and people handling skills. Any prior experience can be considered as an add-on to the current profile of the applying candidate. 

The above list includes almost every aspect of qualities in a virtual assistant. It can definitely be considered as a checklist while hiring a virtual assistant for better filtration during the hiring process. However, you can always go beyond the boundaries and look for more qualities depending upon your requirement. They may vary for different jobs but the above checklist is a must for any role of a virtual assistant. You can also discuss your doubts by scheduling a call with our Yateman Executive to know more. 

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What’s our take on the Need for a Virtual Assistant During Covid-19?

We are all stuck. Isn’t it? No matter in which part of the world you live in, you are stuck in your house. The Covid-19 havoc made us homebound and honestly, we are all facing issues with everything. Say it work, business, customers, and many more things to count. The offices have become virtual, business is slowing down and technical difficulties are at their peak. But wait a minute! We can resolve this with few simple actions. Yes, you read it right. A simple solution is to get yourself a “Virtual Assistant”. Now, you might be wondering How? Let us find out in this article. 

First of all, you need to understand why virtual assistants are necessary especially in these difficult times of the Covid-19 outbreak. Almost all of us want to be safe during the pandemic and protect ourselves and our families from this disease. But work is work and we cannot get along without managing our work. So, let us give our attention to understand the necessity of virtual assistants.

So… You Obviously Need a VA if:

Difficulty in handling customers

Customers will always need support and it is a fact. While being at home they are using more and more services or products that you provide. More usage means more queries and feedback. For this, you need to have a dedicated team who can manage all these customers and give them a sense of satisfaction with your service/product. The team needs to be well trained in customer management so that the customer can be retained for a lifetime. Virtual Assistants can prove to be a bridge between your business and the customers. Customer handling is indeed talent and an art. Manage all the queries with the help of trained assistants who know how to manage even the toughest of your customers and bring out the best solution amicably. Your customers will have the best service experience with you. 

Facing Hard times in administration

Although we are working from home with all the comfort that we have always desired, this is not necessarily a good situation for everyone right now. Handling administrative services could be extremely tricky and no doubt very difficult sometimes. So, if you or your team is struggling with effective administration handling while working remotely in Covid-19 situation or even otherwise, Virtual Assistants could be the light at the end of this dark tunnel. You can solve all your problems with the help of well-trained virtual administrative assistants. They provide top-notch solutions to all your worries and handle the backend administration like a pro. 

Losing your market and customer base

Marketing strategy plays a key role in business. In this pandemic situation, many of the marketing plans seem to fail as non-digital marketing is completely at a halt. You cannot host events or showcase your services and products to people in a physical mode right now. So what you need is digital platform marketing to help market your business. Going digital is the only way left and probably the most effective also in this internet and technology era.

You can reach large masses sitting on your couch and advertise your product or service with the help of virtual assistants. In order to maintain your customer base, you need a strong marketing team with ultimate persuasion skills. Virtual Assistants keep the bar high when it comes to digital marketing services. They can add stars to your customer base and grow it tremendously from zero to a hundred real fast. 

Now, when you have understood the necessity of Virtual Assistants, the question arises of how to hire a virtual assistant. Yateman International solves your problem here. We provide customized virtual assistant services for our customers depending upon their needs. We are blessed with an abundance of happy customers who showered us with their amazing feedback. However, there is a certain process that you can follow to hire a virtual assistant or you can schedule a call with our Yateman International Executive to understand the services and the process.


  • You can easily get a virtual assistant for yourself or your business with one of the best service providers in the field of Virtual Assistance at Yateman International. 
  • We provide Virtual Assistants in multiple domains primarily Customer Management, Marketing, and Administrative Services. 
  • Clients are our main priority and their requirement and satisfaction is our driving force. 
  • At Yateman International, we have a team of well-trained professional virtual assistants who are highly experienced and strategic in their approaches. 

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