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Getting Started With Your Virtual Assistant

Getting Started With Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants help you in day-to-day mundane tasks. They allow you to save time for important things and run the business successfully. VAs provide a Variety of Services in multiple domains. Getting started with your virtual assistant can be challenging especially when you are doing it for the first time. If you have already hired a virtual assistant but still unsure or have questions like – How do I coordinate or analyze quality? How do I track productivity? Or How do I know if the VA is working on my project? How will the process go? Then, rest assured, because we are here with a checklist for getting started with your Virtual Assistant.

Prepare a budget.

When you hire an assistant, it is necessary that you plan your budget in advance. Check your finances and do the adjustments accordingly.

Define the tasks.

Maintain a task bucket for your VA instead of assigning random things to them. This will help you track things easily and keep a check on wasting the resource.

Communication platform.

It is very important that you find a suitable communication platform. Choose the one which provides maximum features at a lesser price. You can also go for open services like Skype and G-Meet. 

Set benchmarks for quality.

Virtual Assistants are hired to save money and deliver high-quality services. Make sure your VA understands the scale of quality you need. Provide suitable guidelines and evaluate the performance accordingly.

Discuss productivity.

Once you hire a virtual assistant, set up a detailed discussion about productivity, expected amount of work, how much time will the VA take to complete a task, etc. Have it all defined on papers to analyze the efficiency later. 

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The Executive will guide you on how to get started with your Virtual Assistant especially if you’re a newbie.

Time tracking.

Ask your VA to maintain a spreadsheet or use online tools to keep track of hours. If VA has fixed working hours then simply go for task tracking at the end of each day. 

Records and documents.

Keeping records is important. Whatever VA does needs to be documented and recorded for future use. Make SOPs to help the assistant who joins in next. 

Custom tools and process overview.

Give an overview of all the tools that are specific to your organization. Keep a short session to describe the process and share other relevant details like User Credentials etc. 

Explain company values.

It is essential that the hired VA understand your core values and organizational culture. Give a brief about it to ensure you are on the same page before jumping on to work.

Review and feedback.

The initial stages are crucial to understanding the nature of work. Try to review the work done by your assistant and provide suitable feedback. This ensures that everything is moving in the right direction.

Scope of rework.

Reworking reduces productivity. Try to define the guidelines beforehand to avoid extra efforts and time. However, there is always a scope of redoing things, but try to escape it as much as you can.

You can easily follow the above checklist once you hire a virtual assistant. However, Yateman International helps you stay away from every chaos and provides smooth services when it comes to Virtual Assistants. We make sure that you save your money and effort both with our affordable pricing plans and highly trained staff. 

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Now once you have your VA Team ready, there comes a great responsibility of managing your virtual team. 

How To Manage Your Virtual Team: A Checklist for Getting Started with your Virtual Assistant

Earlier, we discussed various aspects of virtual assistance including the need for virtual assistants, benefits, features, etc. But isn’t it a good idea to establish your entire team on a virtual platform? Imagine the scenario where you have a team full of enthusiastic virtual assistants having commendable skills. 

Although it seems quite difficult on the outside to manage a fully virtual team, we have figured it out for you. So now, considering that you have a fully virtual team onboard, and you need to manage the team efficiently and get the optimum productivity and best results in terms of happy clients and satisfied customers. Without any further wait, let us show you how to manage your virtual team and achieve the desired results. 

I Communication platform. 

While you plan to take your business forward with an entirely virtual team, it is necessary to figure out a common medium of communication. The platform is divided into three segments, first is a formal mailing platform for all the official work and record purpose, second is the casual texting platform for basic communications like skype, third is the meeting and discussion platform for formal meetups like Webex, zoom, etc. These communication mediums could be your business-owned or open-source platforms provided by the third party on a subscription basis. Find the one that best suits your requirement before you plan anything further.

II Task alignment and tracking.

It is a basic activity to be carried out every day. Either you can align the tasks weekly in a scheduler and get the updates on a daily basis or you can simply put up a daily standup call with your virtual team for task-related discussion. For tracking the updates and status of the aligned task, you can either discuss individually with them or set up a procedure where the virtual assistants update the status on their own in the tracker. The tracker could be a simple excel sheet or any other advance planner depending upon your requirement. You can further simplify this by appointing a SPOC. Go through the next point to learn more. 

III Identify a SPOC. 

Always identify and designate a Special Point Of Contact in your team for the overall responsibility of your virtual team. This will shed loads of excessive work from your shoulders and allow you to have some mental space to further expand your ventures and thrive in your business.

Let us consider a scenario wherein you need an urgent task to be done quickly so instead of randomly telling any member of the virtual team you can directly contact the SPOC for immediate assistance. In this way, you will always have a go-to person in case of urgency. Moreover, the SPOC already knows who has the window to take up the urgent task because he/she has an entire track of the team members and their availability. The SPOC will directly report to you for all the work-related information, updates, and queries.

IV Billing and finances. 

The assistants may charge you on an hourly basis however it depends on the type of services you are hiring them for. The charges may be individual or collective. By collective we mean that if you choose to hire multiple assistants from a virtual service providing company, you will be billed for the total number of hours invested by the entire team. It is a similar thing on the whole. 

You can hire the assistants for fixed or variable hours per day on the basis of your requirement. Billing will depend upon the number of hours clocked by the assistant for your work. You can track the hours with the help of various online tools or any other method which again depends on the type of service you are dealing with. 

For example, if you hire a telemarketer, you can calculate the wages on the basis of the number of successful calls made by the assistant per day and set the prices per call or per minute of conversation with the customer. 

Once you are up to mark with the above points, you are all set to handle a virtual team effortlessly. Right from I to IV, the steps explain the process of getting started with your Virtual Assistant.

So… if you are planning to hire virtual assistants for your virtual team, Yateman International will be an ideal choice for you as we have highly skilled virtual assistants with us. 

Result-oriented virtual assistants will take your business to a whole new level. We have an advanced facility for locking the productive hours and generating the invoices. Forget any chaos and tune in with Yateman International Virtual Assistant Services. You may contact our customer executive for more information.

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Virtual Assistants are truly your Secret to Success, Productivity, and Beyond

Virtual Assistance is a secret to success in the digital era. This is a statement but as humans, we need some proof to consider it to be true. Isn’t it? No worries, read on for a few minutes and you will be convinced that the statement is indeed the truth.

With the advancement in technology, there is immense freedom in work methodologies and location flexibility for professionals. People can connect from far-off locations very easily and still be highly productive and full of motivation along with maintaining a work-life balance. So, how do Virtual Assistants play their part in this freedom and prove to be a secret to success? Let’s find out. 

Effective results paving the way for success. 

In most cases, VAs are professionals with expertise in particular fields for which they offer services to clients. However, people in industries tend to crave a work-life balance more often. So the people with relevant skills and experience are more attracted to this path of offering services and earning a suitable livelihood. People who have been administrative support assistants or office managers prefer being virtual assistants due to flexibility and they often have several years of experience. 

Virtual Assistants are the face of new virtual business and remote assistance. VAs are result-oriented and focus more on work and final delivery output. There is no doubt that they provide outstanding results to customers establishing your business on a large scale. The focus is on the customer base along with customer satisfaction.

Marketing strategies are well planned and effective with a specialized team of virtual assistants. They use calculated approaches rather than the traditional theoretical concepts which often lead to failures and unplanned scenarios. Success will itself call you out when you have a talented team of VAs to work with. 

Multiple task handling leading to productivity. 

VAs often get hired for one or more services. The assistants are multi-taskers along with pleasing personalities and amicable customer management skills. They have got the training to handle various tasks at a time without any chaos. On the contrary, the on-site employees do not meet the expectations when it comes to productivity. And of course! Productivity is the major goal. Isn’t it?

Every business needs to draw maximum output in order to run successfully. Getting a virtual assistant for your business will make more productive use of time and resources ensuring higher results in the long run. Be it documents management, taking care of your customers, handling marketing strategies, or the administrative services. Let your business boom with this strong ladder built by virtual assistants.

Saves your pocket ensuring better finances.  

Money is an integral part to consider while running a business. Hiring a virtual assistant will help you to efficiently manage your finances and stay within the defined budget. Likewise, it saves you a pretty good amount of money in terms of maintaining a physical infrastructure for your team. What you have to do is just pay corresponding to the services you get and no overhead expenses.

Hiring a virtual assistant will definitely save you a lot of money as the workforce is completely virtual. The need for major technical infrastructure is no more there, saving you a good amount of money. Further, the employer’s fund does not even come into the picture when you work with virtual assistants. Save your hard-earned money and invest it further to grow in your business.

High on skills to take success beyond the scale. 

Virtual assistants have strategic planning to run your business and give exceptional results. Highly trained and exceptionally skilled, VAs are people who know how to manifest desired results using specific approaches. The VA workforce is qualified enough to build an impressive customer base taking your business beyond success.

The work gets effectively managed from a remote location with utmost dedication and sincerity. Believe in the new world of technology and virtualize your workforce. Going virtual is the best experience in terms of money, results, and growth. What else do you need in business? Get happy customers, a large customer base, and smart administration management with virtual assistants. 

All the above points are proof that Virtual Assistants are definitely a secret to success and productivity. The efficiency and capability of virtual assistants are no more a thing of doubt. They can give your business a new shape and expand the horizons beyond the measurable scale. 

Yateman International provides virtual assistants to fulfill your requirements in the field of Customer Management, Marketing, and Administrative services. You may contact our virtual Yateman executive for more information on virtual assistants and services provided by us. 

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