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Best 13 Virtual Assistant Websites in 2021 for VA Services

Are you looking for best virtual assistant websites?

Most company owners employ virtual assistants to help them with administrative tasks, email marketing, and other non-core business activities.

But, with hundreds of websites providing virtual assistant services, how do you know which one to choose?

To assist you, we have checked the top ten virtual assistant websites to assist you in finding the right VAs.

Three Important Qualities to Look for in a Virtual Assistant Website

Traditionally, VA websites focused on freelancers such as stay-at-home moms or solopreneurs who provided specialized VA services. However, virtual assistant firms also provide professional VA teams for a variety of virtual assistant services.

But how do you go about finding the best virtual assistant website?

A good virtual assistant website should have three main features, which are as follows:

Pricing and payment methods that are clear.

Traditionally, VA websites chiefly featured freelancers like work at home moms or solopreneurs who offered specialized VA services. However, you now have virtual assistant companies that provide skilled VA teams for a host of virtual assistant services.

But how do you select the right virtual assistant website?

A good virtual assistant website must have three key features, such as:

  • Transparent pricing and payment methods.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tons of positive customer feedback.

Here’s a breakdown of each feature and why it matters:

Transparent pricing and payment methods

The clarity of pricing and payment methods is a major problem when working with online businesses.

Consider this.

You won’t be able to realize the following without straightforward pricing and payment methods:

  1. How much you would pay the VA for their services.
  2. The pricing scheme employed by the VA — whether hourly or task-based.
  3. If there are any additional fees or commissions that will increase your final bill.
  4. What third-party payment systems are available for paying the VA?

To prevent this, just visit virtual assistant websites that include a detailed breakdown of VA pricing plans and payment options. This way, you’ll also know if there are any additional fees or fines for using the virtual assistant services.

User-friendly interface

Sign up for a virtual assistant website that provides a user-friendly experience.

This is why:

  • A decent user interface makes it simple to streamline the virtual assistant recruiting process.
  • Its features, such as advanced search filters and live chat rooms, assist you in quickly finding the right VA.

If you want to make the VA recruiting process as simple as possible, choose a VA website that is simple to use and understand.

Tons of positive customer feedback

When in doubt, what is the best way to choose between websites?

Count on consumer feedback!

Examine the ratings and testimonials of various virtual assistant websites to help you decide which one to use. Since these reviews are written by customers who have already used the service, you will be able to:

  • Get an independent assessment of the virtual assistant service’s effectiveness.
  • Learn which websites make the process of recruiting and managing virtual assistants easier.

It’s better to go with websites that have a plethora of trustworthy positive feedback and testimonials — they’re more likely to provide you with the best virtual assistant services throughout the industry.

The Top 13 Websites for Virtual Assistants

Here are the top thirteen websites for virtual assistant services:

Yateman International

Yateman International is a leading virtual assistant service provider in the United States. When entrepreneurs and business owners need a dependable virtual assistant for their company, they switch to Yateman International. Their virtual assistants are well-known for their dependability and high-quality services, as 98.9 percent of their clients return to them for their virtual assistant needs.

Important Characteristics

  • Dedicated account manager, regular status updates, and phone or email help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s like getting your own employee just a click away.
  • There is no contract or set-up fee. Pricing transparency.
  • They only recruit the top 1% of virtual professionals after a 3-step hiring process.

The Hiring of a Virtual Assistant

  • Book a free consultation on their website and explain your needs.
  • They will appoint you a dedicated virtual professional as well as an account manager.


  • Your remaining hours will be carried forward and will never expire.
  • During normal business hours, the virtual assistant will still be available by phone.

Serve Team

The Serve Team is well-known for its low prices and high-quality services. Several businessmen have benefited from their assistance over the years. The Serve Team has been in the industry for over 11 years and has served over 7000 customers. The Serve Team’s services are valued by all of its customers. And their determination and excellent success are some of this company’s best qualities.


  • Digital assistants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with regular progress updates and weekly meetings. In a well-managed workplace, complete oversight by senior staff is provided.
  • 11+ years of experience working with clients from a variety of industries Also included is a promise of 100 percent results.
  • Transparent pricing and schedules, as well as a simple recruiting process

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Request a free consultation with The Serve Team’s sales team.
  • After you sign up, the VA will contact you. You may also send them a brief orientation.
  • Delegate your duties and to-do lists to your VA, and the rest will be taken care of.
  • The account manager will monitor the task’s progress and keep it on track.


  • Communication with your VA is easy. And they are available for your operations and duties 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The hiring process was easy. You will receive your VA within a day of signing up. And you can begin working with them within a day.
  • The VA can handle a variety of activities, removing the need to hire dedicated staff for each part of the company.


Magic offers text-based interactive assistance for all types of business and personal tasks — it’s like getting a personal assistant for all of your needs! Most businesses use Magic to outsource ads, customer service, and administrative tasks.

Key Features

  • Automatic free VA-backups if things don’t work out between you and your current assistant.
  • Magic doesn’t require you to pay on early cancellations.
  • Magic has third-party plugins with communication tools like Slack and Telegram.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Sign up for the Magic App after downloading it.
  • Send texts outlining your requirements.
  • Magic will delegate the job to a team of virtual assistants.


  • Getting the service is as simple as sending a text message.
  • There is no monthly fee; you only pay the VA for the tasks you give them.
  • There are smartphone applications for both Android and iOS platforms.


Virtalent is a virtual assistant organization headquartered in the United Kingdom that assists small business owners in hiring professional virtual assistants for clerical work.


  • Just work with high-quality virtual assistants with an average of 15 years of experience.
  • Client managers assist prospective employers in streamlining the recruiting process.
  • Any remaining hours in your VA schedule are automatically carried forward to the next month.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Request a free consultation.
  • They will fit you with the best virtual assistant for your needs.


  • Pay your virtual assistants just for the time they spent on your project.
  • Your specifications are manually checked in order to find the most suitable VA.
  • Provides adaptable VA services with easily switchable plans.


TheTeamsHub was created to free up clients’ time. As a result, their clients will concentrate on other tasks. They have virtual assistants that can do any job you can think of. Their straightforward pricing and excellent offerings have earned them a reputation as a reliable partner. TheTeamsHub has won a number of competitions and was ranked first in the web development summit. The virtual assistants provided by TheTeamsHub have been trained and have the necessary skills to assist you in expanding and growing your company.


  • VAs who are skilled and qualified, handpicked from a talent pool, and educated to deliver outstanding services.
  • 10+ years of delivering the best virtual assistance in any sector.
  • Since TheTeamsHub is based in the United States, they will provide the best talent. They are aware of the needs of the local market and strive to meet them.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Make an appointment with TheTeamsHub. Outline the requirements, business model, and market requirements.
  • TheTeamsHub will assign a VA to them within a day, and after a brief orientation, you will be able to sign the assignment and begin collaborating.


  • Providing assistants with a minimum of ten years of experience. The VAs have been educated and have the necessary experience for the job.
  • Hiring is a two-step procedure. And you can begin working with your virtual assistant within a day.
  • A opportunity to assemble your ideal squad. TheTeamsHub provides VAs with diverse experience. Assemble the VAs based on your company’s requirements and you’ll have your dream team in no time.

Premium Help

Premium help virtual assistant website

Premium aid has over ten years of business experience and is recognized for serving the most clients. Since their inception, they have accomplished over 12540 projects. And have provided outstanding services to their clients. They have effective and committed virtual assistants. They have years of experience dealing with clients and no job is too difficult for them. With expertise in a variety of tasks, VAs perform with ease and excellence, assisting clients’ businesses to develop.


  • 10+ years of experience providing professional and qualified virtual assistants.
  • Expertise in executing projects to a high standard. They also have a slew of honors to their credit.
  • Premium aid has operated in over 47 countries and has extensive experience.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • You can schedule a free consultation with the Premium support team. After contacting them, explain your company’s requirements and aspirations. They will assign you a suitable VA.
  • When your virtual assistant calls you. You can begin by providing a brief orientation and assigning tasks and a to-do list. And begin working together on projects.


  • VAs of experience and skill that you can employ within a day. The virtual assistants have collaborated with clients from various industries and countries. As a result, they can quickly grasp your requirements and work to meet them.
  • Many years of industry practice. In addition, they have served over 1100 clients.
  • VAs are skilled at delivering success in all of their initiatives and are specialized in a variety of services.

Fancy Hands

fancy hands website photo

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant company headquartered in the United States that helps companies outsource activities like booking reservations, handling phone calls, and other personal tasks.


  • Its collaboration framework allows you to easily handle multiple virtual assistants.
  • Unused work requests from your VA plan are carried on to the next month.
  • Third-party project management software plugins to help you streamline your project workflows.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Sign in to the Fancy Hands app after downloading it.
  • Begin submitting as many tasks as you require.
  • The duties will be delegated to a personal assistant, who will get to work right away.


  • It is available as a smartphone app for Android and iOS users.
  • It automatically assigns the assignment to the appropriate VA; you do not need to locate a VA manually.
  • By delegating these duties to a VA, you can easily handle phone calls and arrange meetings.

Virtual Staff Finder

This virtual assistant company located in the Philippines is suitable for small business owners looking to outsource administrative tasks. It is better suited to businesses looking for long-term virtual assistants.


  • High-quality virtual assistants with outstanding communication skills are available.
  • Pay VAs according to a mutually agreed-upon pricing scheme.
  • Exclusive video assistance and free tools to help you get started with your virtual assistants as soon as possible.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Pay a one-time charge to sign up for the program.
  • Complete the job description form.
  • The sourcing team will hand-pick three applicants for you.
  • Choose one of the three VAs and begin tracking their progress on your project.


  • Offers VA assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You can contact your own virtual assistant directly without interference from Virtual Staff Finder.
  • You can collaborate with your VA outside of the forum whenever it is convenient for you.

Time Etc

Time Etc is a virtual assistant website located in the United States and the United Kingdom that offers VA services to entrepreneurs and businesses. They provide expert VAs with at least two to three years of VA industry experience.


  • Time Etc has a robust dashboard that displays all of your VAs and tasks in one location.
  • Unused VA work hours may be rolled on to the next month.
  • Hire the best-rated virtual assistants from the Time Etc Group.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Request a free trial or schedule a consultation.
  • Purchase a pricing strategy.
  • The team will then walk you through a 10-step virtual assistant hiring process.


  • VAs respond immediately to your service inquiries.
  • Can form a virtual team of up to 15 VAs.
  • Allows you to make unlimited phone calls to your VAs.

Connect Center

Connect Center is a well-known virtual assistant firm. They have been delivering excellent facilities for over a decade. They have been listed by a number of prestigious websites, including GoodFirma and Time Doctor. This company’s reputation in the industry has grown thanks to their talented and experienced VAs. During the last 12 years. Over 12000 clients have put their faith in Connect Center. And they have met their company requirements with ease and excellence.


  • Connect Center provides a free dedicated VA supervised by a dedicated account manager.
  • VAs have received training in a variety of business fields, rendering them multi-talented. Clients may recruit the VAs, and they will perform the functions of an entire team on their own.
  • Pricing transparency and affordability, as well as a range of plans to choose from.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Firstly, Visit their official website to schedule a meeting with the Connect Center team. Following your description of your requirements. They will assign you a personal VA and account manager.
  • Secondly, You will be contacted by the VA. After a brief orientation. You should delegate your duties and to-do lists to your virtual assistant.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, Your dedicated account manager will keep the project on track and track the VA’s success. They will keep you updated and will give you a regular progress report.


  • You can employ an experienced VA within a day.
  • A three-step recruiting process that does not take up the valuable time.
  • The VA is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact your virtual assistant by phone, talk, or email. And they will respond immediately during business hours.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a company that provides virtual assistance for personal tasks such as food delivery and ticket booking. It also offers administrative assistance, email marketing, a website, and search engine optimization to companies.


  • VAs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as the domain name implies.
  • The service may be cancelled at any time without penalty.
  • Customer service that is available in real time to resolve problems when they arise.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Choose a membership package.
  • Determine the type of service you need, and they will fit you with the appropriate virtual assistant.


  • Access to a large pool of in-house expert VAs.
  • You have the choice of using either US-based or offshore virtual assistants.
  • It is also possible to recruit a full-time virtual employee.


Upwork website for hiring virtual assistants

Upwork is a well-known website for prospective clients seeking to recruit freelancers. It provides remote assistance for tasks such as data entry, social media management, web design, and WordPress site creation.


  • Advanced search filters to help you quickly locate the correct VA.
  • The Upwork team account allows you to handle multiple freelancers from a single location.
  • A built-in job diary that assists you in estimating each VA’s total billable time.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Firstly, Make an account on Upwork.
  • Secondly, Post a job description or allow virtual assistants to send quotes.
  • Thirdly, Examine the proposals that have been submitted.
  • Candidates should be interviewed.
  • To begin, click “hire” on the selected proposal.


  • It has a simple user interface.
  • You can only pay the VA after you have tracked their activities and are happy with their work.
  • Has a smartphone app (for Android and iOS devices) that allows you to communicate with your VA while on the go.


Fiverr is ideal for small businesses looking for virtual assistants to help with tasks such as web design, copywriting, and podcast editing. Therefore, it allows you to search through hundreds of professional VA profiles to find the right one for you.


  • expert VAs to assist you in hiring the best talent.
  • Multiple search filters to help you quickly find the correct VA.
  • High-quality customer service that responds quickly to your inquiries.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Create an account on Fiverr.
  • Examine VA profiles based on the company’s requirements.
  • Hire the best VA you can find and keep an eye on them to make sure the job gets completed.


  • You’ll know how much you’ll have to pay the VA before you contact them.
  • Just pay the VA when you are fully happy with their job.
  • All transactions take place on the Fiverr website, which ensures high security. However it’s slight different from Upwork.

In conclusion

Hiring a virtual assistant does not need to be difficult.

With the help of a good virtual assistant website, you can quickly recruit your own virtual assistant! Begin by experimenting with the places we’ve mentioned here, and you’ll soon find a talented virtual assistant to handle your tasks efficiently.

We can Hire the best suitable Virtual assistant. Schedule a FREE 15 minutes consultation to learn more about our virtual services.

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