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How to Find Work-At-Home Virtual Assistant Positions

Being a virtual assistant has several advantages, including high compensation, if you are a good fit for the work style and know where to discover the finest opportunities. In this post we will talk about applying for virtual assistant jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are presently over 4 million administrative assistants in the United States.

Many of them are now working from home as virtual assistants. The profession’s outlook is positive, and the entry hurdle is minimal.

A virtual assistant usually works from home as a freelancer (not a W2 employee). Although virtual assistants can accomplish anything, the majority of the time they are used to execute jobs that lend themselves well to the virtual environment.

Here are some examples of jobs that work well for virtual assistants:

  • Administrative functions are available online.
  • Organization of emails and calendars
  • Scheduling
  • Transcription
  • Event organization
  • Editing and writing
  • File arrangement
  • Making travel plans

Does that seem like a good time? Great. First, consider the primary advantages of working as a virtual assistant. Then we’ll go into how to find home-based virtual assistant employment.

The Advantages of Working as a Virtual Assistant at Home

The virtual assistant lifestyle may take some getting accustomed to, and each gig may be different, but becoming a virtual assistant will provide you with a consistent set of rewards. Virtual assistants often work from home and establish their own hours, making them ideal for stay-at-home spouses.

Even while you are “working for someone” as a virtual assistant, you are usually in business for yourself, operating as a 1099 contractor. This is a terrific option for anyone who wants to have more freedom with their work each day.

Virtual assistants can earn anywhere from $10-15 per hour to more than $100 per hour. However, the majority of assistants earn between $15 and $30 per hour. Determine how much you should charge as a virtual assistant.

Furthermore, becoming a virtual assistant does not necessitate a great deal of knowledge or effort. And, as you’ll see below, there are numerous methods for marketing your services and finding virtual assistant jobs.

Of course, being a virtual assistant isn’t without its drawbacks. There are a plethora of frauds to be aware of. There is nothing you need to purchase to get a career in this field.

What Qualifies as a Good Virtual Assistant?

Can somebody work from home as a virtual assistant and enjoy it? I asked Shamika, my virtual assistant, what she would tell a friend who was thinking about working as a virtual assistant. Here’s what she had to say:

“You must be a self-starter and be able to work well under pressure.” Employers will normally assign you projects and trust that you will accomplish them on time. This could be a concern if you struggle with initiative and meeting deadlines.”

Shamika further noted that good time management and organizing abilities are required. “This entails paying attention to detail and being able to multitask.”

One of the most difficult issues I encounter as a virtual assistant hirer is coming up with projects for my virtual assistant to complete. As a result, I would add that any excellent virtual assistant should be able to collaborate with their client to assist them in finding job.

Methods for Finding Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you’re still reading, it suggests you’re looking for one of these virtual assistant jobs. Fortunately, it appears that there are various options for finding a suitable virtual assistant job:

1. Consult Your Network

You never know who in your network could require the services of an assistant. Remember that virtual assistants may perform a wide range of duties, so there is no way of knowing who needs what done, whether for work or for pleasure.

Shamika was recommended to me by a friend who was utilizing her virtual assistant services, and she inquired if I needed any assistance as well. I did, as it turned out, at the time, and the rest is history.

A simple Tweet or Facebook post will inform your network that you are serious about assisting them with their virtual responsibilities.

2. Work as a virtual assistant for a company such as Yateman International.

You don’t want to look for clients? Join a virtual staffing organization such as

You can apply immediately through their website, and if accepted, you won’t have to bother about the administrative aspect of your firm. Of course, your pay will most likely be limited to what is currently paying.

3. Advertise Yourself on Freelance Websites

There are numerous websites currently where freelancers can interact with potential employers. Some of the largest are (which I use) and These are multinational websites. So keep in mind that you’ll be competing with the lowest prices on the planet here.

It does take some time and skill working with these online freelance sites to get the correct assignments, therefore I would also recommend Craigslist or for immediate prospects. Here’s an excellent example of a Fiverr listing for a virtual assistant.

4. Become a member of a Virtual Assistant Network

There are various online virtual assistant networks and forums that connect potential employers and virtual assistants through directories or a request for proposal process. These sites appear to draw some of the best virtual assistants in the United States and appear to be a wonderful location to examine what others in your field are doing to find work.

5.Make use of a job board such as ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter is best recognized as an employer tool. Employers can use ZipRecruiter to have their job posting sent to over 100+ sites at once. Furthermore, its strong matching technology assists companies in quickly locating the top job candidates.
ZipRecruiter, on the other hand, might be a useful tool for job hunters. On their website, you can specifically find hundreds of virtual assistant positions.
Look through the current job postings to see if anything piques your interest. If not, ZipRecruiter can deliver you a daily batch of new virtual assistant job postings directly to your inbox. And ZipRecruiter can save you a significant amount of time when it comes to filling out applications.


These are some of the places that I recommend you start your virtual assistant job search. I’m sure the community will share their suggestions for more places to look for virtual assistant jobs in the comments below.

But don’t get overwhelmed by all the options. Perhaps you could set a goal to try one of these strategies each month. Or you could just go crazy and try them all if that’s more your style. Or you can just contact us and we will find you the perfect job.

Either way, as long as you stick with it over the long haul, I’m certain you can build a profitable side hustle as a virtual assistant. And if you really enjoy it, you may even be able to turn it into a full-time job.

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