DESREEN YATEMAN-BROWN | Virtual Secretary Jamaica



Desreen Yateman-Brown has over 20 years of experience, which concentrates around finance, operations, administration, banking, and freight forwarding. Her background gives her a broad-based approach to functioning effectively in the financial operations of the BPO industry.

Mrs. Yateman-Brown has strong analytical and problem-solving skills. She holds a BSc Degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She is fueled by her passion for learning; hence she never seizes to progress in academics as she is currently pursuing the ACCA Accreditation.

Mrs. Yateman-Brown’s crave for knowledge and success has contributed to her most recent success of partnering in a shipping company (Worldwide Services), where she oversees the financial operations of the business by providing and implementing strategies to keep expenses at a minimum while driving revenue.

Mrs. Yateman-Brown believes that any company can be successful once its team is committed to the company’s goals. She is a dedicated Christian who shows keen interest in reading and meditating.